SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre

World Anaesthesia Day 2022

Friday, October 21, 2022

This was a CME organized by the department of anaesthesiology, SRM Medical College and Hospital and research centre on 21/10/2022. This program was held in the hospital seminar hall of SRM Medical college from 11.00am to 1.30pm. The program was inaugurated by our honourable pro-vice chancellor Dr Lt Col A.Ravikumar, Dr. A.Sundaram, Dean, SRM MCH&RC, Dr.Balamurugan, medical superintendent and was felicitated byDr. A.Sundaram, Dean, SRM MCH&RC, our honourable pro vice chancellor, Dr. Balamurugan, medical superintendent SRM MCH &RC and head of the department prof. Dr.Gayathri  

The CME was conducted in honour of World Anaesthesia Day, which is celebrated every year on 16th October. The history behind this day was the day when the possibility of painless surgery became a reality when William Thomas Greene Morton gave a public demonstration of ether in removing a neck tumour. The session was all about the approach towards pain management and ways to cure the pain.

Following the inauguration ceremony, prize distribution was done for the quiz competition that was held in the department of anaesthesiology and also for the medical teams' role during the conduct of the 44th chess Olympiad. The prizes were distributed by our honourable pro-vice chancellor and our honourable dean.

The main objective of this program was to impart essential knowledge about the various types of chronic pain and the modalities of treatment of chronic pain in terms of both pharmacological and clinical aspects. The target audience were medical doctors from various clinical and non-clinical departments, post-graduates from all departments, nursing staff and students on training. The CME programme was attended by 112 members.

The topics covered were various types of regional nerve blocks that included coeliac plexus block for cases of stomach carcinoma, facet joint block, transforaminal injection techniques vs interlamellar techniques in epidural steroid, complex regional pain syndrome, usage of opioids,local anaesthesia and NSAIDS in chronic pain management, coccydynia, trigeminal neuralgia, spinal pain. How treating acute pain will prevent long-term suffering of the patient from chronic pain. The lectures on each topic were followed by a video demonstration as to how it works. The lecture ended with a quote “pain management is not a choice; it is a basic human right”.

The lecture went on for a duration of 45 mins. Post lecture, the session was opened for discussions. Sufficient time was given to clarify any questions at the end of each topic. At the end of the lecture, feedback for the entire event was collected from every participant. At the end of the lecture, the head of the department, anaesthesiology, presented the speaker with a token of appreciation on behalf of the entire department.

The department did not collect any money from the participants for registration or participation as the goal of the event was to impart this essential knowledge to as many staff members and students as possible. The event ended successfully with an overall good response from audiences and notes to conduct such events frequently.